This product provides a long- lasting, true color and makes hair shiny and beautiful. It comes in a big range of colors so can easily choose the one that is most suitable for needs.

Coloring made easy

Forget about fancy hair appointments and long waiting hours. Jaic hair tint allows to completely change hair at home. can go for a few tones deeper shade, can choose to make highlights or just to cover grown out roots.

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Easy application

The whole process of coloring at home seems impossible for most women. But with this tint, can forget about messy and drippy formulas. The product is easy to apply and covers the hair completely.

Concentrated formula

Forget about waiting for hours and hours to get the desired color. Jaic hair tint contains beneficial ingredients that help the pigments reach deep into each hair strand and allow to quickly transform hair.

Unique formula
Jaic is enriched with Avocado oil which helps protect and nourish the hair after and during the coloring process. Avocado oil is rich in essential elements and vitamins that help improve the condition of hair.

High- coverage

Jaic hair tint covers stubborn gray hairs with one application. can cover grown out roots or cover the whole hair with this product.

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What will get?

Bottle - can easily mix the tint in the bottle. Cut the applicator and use the bottle to apply product directly on the hair.

Gloves - use the gloves to avoid coloring hands. The gloves allow to massage the product directly into the roots or all over the length of the hair.

Brush - can use the brush to separate the hair into different sections and to spread the product evenly on the hair.

Conditioner - use it after have colored hair. The conditioner will help lock color in place and will make the hair softer and smoother.



This product is just amazing! It covers my gray hairs completely and makes my hair really soft and smooth.


The color is saturated and well- balanced. I like the silver finish it has and how it does not dry my hair.